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Microblading & Permanent Makeup Courses

Microblading and Permanent Makeup is a growing industry. Its high demand for talented artists gives a great opportunity for you to bring more revenue to your business. Courses we offer:

Full Skill Courses (Machine & Hand-Tool) 

Hand-Tool Courses

Permanent Makeup Courses (Machine Only)

Online Training 

Start a new career or add these highly sought services to your salon spa or studio and join one of the fastest growing trends in beauty.

Permanent Makeup / Body Art Apprenticeship

Success Stories:

MN Brow Lash & Medspa Academy

Ivy Aldean

“I’ve attended the 100 Hour PMU course here and I’m so incredibly happy with the education I’ve received! Kay & Holly have so much knowledge to share, not to mention they are so helpful and caring people!!

Kay is very critical of my work, pushing me to do better and to perfect everything that I do! She is encouraging and a true inspiration! They have taught me their amazing techniques and how to independently practice them!

I feel so confident and prepared going into my new career thanks to Minnesota Brow Lash Studio & Academy. You will not regret investing in yourself and your career by attending this school! “

Salyna Schmitz

Salyna Schmitz started with our Academy in January of 2021 taking our Fundamental 6 Day Permanent Makeup Training & Apprenticeship. She has continued education with the Academy taking several Master Classes & Eyelash Extension Training.  Not even 2 years later she is now the owner of  B.E.L Studio in Sauk Rapids, MN offering Permanent Makeup Services, Eyelash Extensions with employees of her own. Following her passion and becoming financially free was one of her biggest dreams and in less than 2 years she was able to make that a reality.

MN Brow Lash & Medspa Academy

Natasha Hoff

“I recently attended the Minnesota Brow Lash Studio and Academy for their microblading program. They completely exceeded my expectations. Kay, Holly and the rest of their staff and apprentices were so wonderful! Kay is the most down to earth person and is so passionate about this industry. Her passion shines through when she is teaching. I felt that everyone truly cared about my success in the program. If you are trying to decide where to continue your beauty career, this is your place!”

MN Brow Lash & Medspa Academy

Tegan Buchholz

Tegan began her journey as a permanent makeup artist back in the fall of 2022. Despite the initial lack of support from her friends and family for pursuing a career in the beauty industry, she took a leap of faith and left her 9-5 job in nursing to follow her true passion. First, Tegan dabbled in cosmetology, eventually venturing into the permanent makeup industry. Already,  Tegan has been showing an immense amount of growth in her work throughout her apprenticeship here at MN Brow Lash & Medspa Academy; and with the immense amount of support from our staff/trainers and thorough education, Tegan is around the corner from not only doing what she loves most for a living, but being successful at it too!


Career Awaits

Minnesota Brow Lash & Medspa Academy is home to a variety of Training Programs individually designed to fit student needs. All methods and techniques are our own. We teach you to create the results we achieve everyday in our Medspa.

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Minnesota Brow Lash & Medspa Academy offers many levels of introductory classes for the newbies and advanced training for the professional. “Dedication will bring SUCCESS!”

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Students will experience the class room theory, top of the line techniqes, best industry practice and hands-on practice on variety of mediums. Students will experience different facemapping technique on each other. Besides, students will shadow our master trainer and our in-house artists with live models during their training.

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Microblading and Permanent makeup are growing industry. Its high demand of talented artists gives great opportunity for you to bring more revenue for your business. Add them to your salon spa or studio and join one of the fastest growing trends in beauty.

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Don’t have time to come to class? Check out our online training program. Our videos and practice exercises can help you study from home in your own space. You can take the training course at your own space within 6 months.

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We offer affordable education for: Microblading, Permanent Make-up, Eyelash Extensions, Microneedling, Lash-Lift and other specialty classes. Check out our variety of flexible payment types.

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Our Studio & Academy master trainers will provide A-Z training program to help each student achieving their goals. Pay one and get a lift time support. Learn our signature techniques from Best.


Frequently Asked Questions

The state of Minnesota Health Department regulates these body art programs: piercing, tattoo, body arts, dry tattoo, microblading and permanent makeup services. https://www.health.state.mn.us/facilities/providers/bodyart/index.html

To obtain a body art license in the state of Minnesota, you are required to apprentice under a body art supervisor ( who is fully licensed in MN ) for 200 hours hands-on human skin time.

An application for a temporary body art license is required to be filled out by both the student and the qualified supervisor. This application (along with paid fee) is required and will need approval by the MN Health Department before any live model or permanent makeup service procedure can be performed.

It is a misdemeanor offense if you violate this statute. Forms and application of the temporary technician license can be found at:

Students are not required to possess a cosmetology license to take the permanent makeup training as Permanent Cosmetics are regulated by the Department of Health. Students may choose to take any of our courses based on current skill sets and desired career goals. The course(s) will certify and train the student with the basic knowledge and skills to start practicing.

During the course(s), live model practice is an option for students to choose if they wish (with paid fee). To sign up for the live model option, we recommend the student register no later than 30 days prior to class which will allow time for the state licensing and approval process. Our academy will coordinate the licensing process on the student’s behalf.

Yes, we offer the most comprehensive training and apprenticeship programs in the region.

The apprentice will perform services on live models under the direction of a supervisor for a period of approximately 6-8 months at 2 days a week to fulfill the 200 hours minimum requirement by the state of Minnesota. Contact us for the apprenticeship fee and associated contract information.

Temporary Body Art License information and forms can be found at:

To practice on live models or to apprentice with us, you will need a ‘guest artist’ license.
The apprenticeship program is not necessary after completing the course in all states. However, the student may choose to apprentice with us to gain more experience and build skill sets quickly.

The apprenticeship program will vary depending on the student’s needs. To sign up for the live model option or apprenticeship program, we require a registration minimum of 30 days prior to class start date to accommodate the state licensing application process.

Our academy will coordinate the licensing process. Licensing information and form can be found at:

Students in classes are not required to have individual insurance

Apprentices, however, are required to carry (provide proof) their own liability insurance to perform body art at our facility.
If the student needs insurance as such, here is a link to affordable insurance:

Currently, we are not offering student loans or scholarships. We accept payment in these forms: check, credit card, cash or bank issued money orders.
Depending on the training program the student chooses, we offer special payment plans. Contact us for more details on the special payment plan.

The state of Minnesota requires 5 hours of training credits. You can find the training classes at:

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