Friday, December 6, 2019

Welcome to Minnesota Brow Lash Studio & Academy

Minnesota Brows Lash Studio & Academy is the  destination for learning the newest trends in the Beauty Industry. Specifically, Permanent Make Up,  Microblading, Microneedling, Eyelash Extensions and Advanced Make Up.

Our Academy: At Minnesota Brow Lash Studio & Academy, we have highly skilled artists and trainers who will train you in Permanent Make Up which will enable you to grow in your career.  All training techniques and methology are propriety to us, meaning you will be provided with leading edge training. Our academy is located in the greater Minneapolis, St. Paul area of Minnesota.

Minnesota Brows Lash Studio & Academy offers the area best service experience for Microblading, Permanent Makeup, Lash Extensions, Volume Extensions, Microneedling/Skin Pen, Makeup and Advanced Makeup. We have talented artist to beautify you. “Wake up with perfect make-up!”

We are currently offering Permanent Makeup services only. We are NOT offering eyelash extensions or regulated service at our location until we are fully licensed by the Board of Cosmetology. If you are looking for having your regulated services done before we are opened and licensed, contact our sister company  952-473-2860

Nancee Darling

When I registered for the school I was a little worried that I won’t learn much and that it will be a big risk to invest.. but since I took the six days class and started my apprenticeship I would have to admit that it was one of the best decision of my life.. Each day I learned so much from Kay.. it felt like she taught me everything she knew.. every little single details and things that I need to know for the best of my career. Kay has been so helpful, encouraging, and she meant it when she said that she will always help as long as I need help and guidance. She really never stop pushing me to do my best and correct me just so I can do better. Not only that I’ve learned about permanent make up but I’ve learned to advertised better and many other things that I never knew I could learn in the past month. Kay, holly, Darletta and the rest of the staffs are all so welcoming and really made me feel so comfortable every time I am around them. I feel really lucky and fortunate to have found this academy!!! Thank you Kay  I am forever grateful for you ❤️

Nancee Darling
March 2, 2019

Angela Krause

I received amazing education at the academy from Kay Holtz and her team, shout out to Holly who is great. Kay microbladed my eyebrows with precision and they are beautiful. My healed results are fantastic with awesome retention. I highly recommend!

Emily Nord

Kay made my brows absolute perfection! She spent her time making sure I was getting the look that I wanted and was very professional and sweet! My ombré brows look so natural, they truly came out better than I ever expected them to look! Kay made the whole process very comfortable and professional. I can’t wait to next get my lips done by her! Would 10 out of 10 recommend MN brow and lash studio for all your permanent makeup needs!

Emily Nord
October 16, 2018

Susan Grothe

I am completing the 6 day Microblading & Ombre Permanent Make-up class with Kay Holtz and her team and have had a great experience. The class was comprehensive, well taught and included a lot of hands on demonstrations and practice. Kay is an great teacher and has such passion for excellence in her work and for Permanent Makeup which I found very inspiring. From the class I learned not only the fundamental skills necessary to Microblade and do machine work, but other key aspects important for success like tool selection, color theory & pigments, before/aftercare and elements of marketing & business set up necessary to build my own business. Kay wants her students to be successful and it is wonderful she offers the Academy as a resource post-training to ensure students feel confident to move ahead. I do not have a background in the skincare industry and felt this course offered me the training and support to move confidently into a new field. I plan to seek continuing education through the Academy to build and expand my skills —plus they are just wonderful people! I would highly recommend MN Brow Lash Academy if you are considering Microblading/Permanent Make Up and seeking training –it is a solid investment and you will not be disappointed.

Tessa Mortimore

I am so thankful I chose Minnesota Brow and Lash academy and had the opportunity to learn from Kay. She is one of the best microbladers I have seen. I have really appreciated the continued support from Kay, Holly and Rachel.

Joanna Houle Kieffer

I had been looking for the right person to do my eye brows for over 2 years. When I met Kay she was confident and reassuring, answering all of my questions and explaining the entire process. I had been drawing in my eyebrows for a very long time (they were nonexistent from over plucking in college) and she pointed out that the shape I had been drawing onto my face did not compliment my bone structure. She was 100% correct! The shape she did is perfect. I love them and my family and friends were impressed with how realistic they look. After seeing how much intricate detail goes into this process, I have a ton of respect and admiration for the artistry. I highly recommend Kay and her Team — I can go out without any make-up thanks to them!

Joanna Houle Kieffer
October 16, 2018

Mariam Doll

I never ever write reviews but I went yesterday to get my touch up on my brows and lips and they literally make me feel so beautiful, there work is 100% perfect you will not walk out disappointed with your brows or lips !!! Just in the past 24 hours I’ve gotten so many comments on my brows and my lips this is the go to place !! And did I mention the girls and Kay are amazing 💗

Mariam Doll
March 7, 2019

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