1-Day Small Tattoo Course

Our unique Tiny Tattoos Training will ensure that you receive the best education available and it will greatly benefit your new career path. A perfect add-on to your permanent cosmetics career.


1-Day Small Tattoo Course

Our unique Tiny Tattoos Training will ensure that you receive the best education available and it will greatly benefit your new career path. A perfect add-on to your permanent cosmetics career.


Course Includes

  • Small Tattoo Design

  • Correct Depth

  • Equipment Knowledge

  • Pigment Kit Included

  • Precise Linework

  • Complications: How to avoid Mistakes

Why Take

This Course

  • Fresh, New Techniques
  • Unlimited Support & Class Access
  • Live-Model Option
  • So much more!


Your Trainer

James Keller

James Keller is an internationally acclaimed tattoo artist and the proud owner of Keller Tattoo, nestled in the heart of Downtown Rochester, MN. Renowned for his impeccable fine line tattoos and mastery of intricate artwork, James has garnered global recognition for his craft. His extraordinary talent has graced the pages of numerous esteemed publications, further solidifying his status as a true master in the industry. James has been voted best tattoo artist in Rochester 2022 and 2023


From Our Student

I've attended the 100 Hour PMU course here and I'm so incredibly happy with the education I've received! Kay & Holly have so much knowledge to share, not to mention they are so helpful and caring people!!

Kay is very critical of my work, pushing me to do better and to perfect everything that I do! She is encouraging and a true inspiration!

They have taught me their amazing techniques and how to independently practice them! I feel so confident and prepared going into my new career thanks to Minnesota Brow Lash Studio & Academy. You will not regret investing in yourself and your career by attending this school!

Ivy Aldean

I absolutely loved my experience! My tattoo artist Mija was so patient, kind and very talented!! It was my first tattoo and I felt so safe and heard! My tattoo was fantastic too!

  Onyinye Eneku


Asked Questions

About Us


Minnesota Brow Lash & Medspa Academy LLC is a licensed private career school with the Minnesota Office of Higher Education pursuant to Minnesota Statutes, sections 136A.821 to 136A.832. Licensure is not an endorsement of the institution. In some cases, credits earned at the institution may not transfer to other institutions (varies by institution).

Minnesota Brow Lash & Medspa Academy LLC is cutting edge in technique and technology career school. Our Minneapolis, Minnesota training facility offers state of the art equipment and highly skilled staff to teach you the newest trends in the Beauty Industry. Specifically, Permanent Makeup, Microblading, Eyelash Extensions, Plasma Treatment, Laser Treatment, Esthetic and Advanced Esthetic.

In addition, we are licensed under the Minnesota Board of Cosmetology, license #22001519. We offer several cosmetology fundamental courses for eyelash extensions and esthetic training. We also offer BCE approved continuing education courses for licensure renewal.

Minnesota Brow Lash & Medspa Academy is also a licensed Body Art Facility under the Health Department. Our on-site staff Training Master is a certified Craft Master – recognized by the renowned and global training company, Academy S. Students will receive dual certifications – one from our accredited academy as well as a certification from Academy S’s founder and owner Sviatslav Ostenach of Academy S.

At Minnesota Brow Lash & Medspa Academy, we offer both online/virtual training programs as well as our hands-on, on site training programs to accommodate your schedule and needs.

We are proud to offer a lifetime guarantee for our training programs. We will extend the opportunity for you to freshen up your knowledge post training if you feel that you need further assistance. We know that retaining detailed information can be challenging at times and this is our way to make sure that you get the most out of your education.

Training Topics

PMU vs Tattooing,

Depth and Saturation,

Pigment vs Ink knowledge,

Techniques of line work and shading, etc.

**Will this class make you a tattoo artist? No, you will learn how to do small tattoos with some line work and some color that fits with your Permanent Makeup Skill. You will improve your current machine skill from the class. You won’t be qualified as a body art artist. True body art skills take a minimum of 2 years apprenticeship under a tattoo artist.**

Kit & Training Manual

Tattoo Ink

Stencil Paper


Training Manual


Students must have body art licenses and need to be familiar with using a tattoo machine and understanding cartridges.


This is a CE course there is no licensing you will need after taking the course

After Class Certification

You will receive course attendees certification.

Payment Plan

Students wishing to have additional time to pay their tuition and fees can do so by choosing one of our payment plan options that we have available. The payment plans come in one of three options: Affirm, Paypal or Individualized Plan made through the Academy. To enroll in a payment plan, choose the course that you are interested in, complete the registration form and choose the option that best fits your needs.

Career Opportunities

You can work anywhere that has a body art establishment licenses.

Small tattoos range from $85 – $175

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