Practitioner CORE Continuing Education Online Course (4Hr CE Course)

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Practitioner CORE Continuing Education Online Course (4Hr CE Course) – $50

This is a BCE approved Continuing Education Course. You will be credited for 4 hours of continuing education for CORE class. These credits can be used for Minnesota license renewal. Required License of either: Cosmetologist, Esthetician, Lash Technician, and Nail Technician.

Students will access the course online. Training is a combination of information, videos and quizzes that can be viewed with their individual login credentials.

This class has been timed at 4 hours in the classroom however online students may take longer and can re-do quizzes until they pass.

Practitioner CORE Continuing Education Course

This course will:

  1. Review and update you on current laws & rules including licensing and infection control.
  2. Part 2 of the course will go in depth on the subject of infection control, health & safety.
  3. Included is a section of guidelines specific to Covid-19 and how to stay healthy & keep your clients safe.
  4. There are two quizzes to help you remember the information and you may keep to review.

Terms & Conditions


All students are required to pay the total amount of $50 to ensure your spot for this course.


To ensure that students are serious about enrolling in our training courses, we do not offer refunds once a student has already registered for a training course. Students may switch to a different training date 3 weeks before the original sign up date.


Minnesota State licensing info:

*If you are attending from out of state, please check out your state’s health department or board of costmetology website for the correct information*

 *Students are responsible for checking with his/her State Health Department / Board of Cosmetology or Local Jurisdiction for his/her license requirement process.

If you are also registering for our apprenticeship program, Our training courses are independent from apprenticeship. Course Registration Fees are Non Refundable.

This ONLINE training course is an Advanced Education Training Course. This course is not intended for beginners in this skill set. ON-SITE fundamental training and live models under supervision are recommended for students to best learn techniques, blood borne pathogen awareness/compliance, skin anatomy & healing concepts, depth of work, stretching, contraindications, and much more.

Check out our 6 Day Course or 100 hours Fundamental Course and onsite- apprenticeship to learn all the fundamental skills.

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