1-Day Body Contouring/Skin Tightening/Cellulite Reduction

Body Sculpting Training, also known as Body Contouring is a field that is growing in popularity. There are people all over the world looking to get rid of excess body fat and tone up certain areas of their bodies to approve their appearance & confidence. You can supply them with that. If you would like to tap into this market, start your own business, or add this to your existing services and become a body sculpting professional, you have come to the right place.


Course Includes

  • Training Manual

  • Laser Training Certificate

  • Skin Cell Knowledge

  • Live Model Demo

  • Equipment Knowledge

  • So Much More!

Why Take

This Course

    • World Class Master Educators
    • Ongoing Postgraduate Support
    • State of the Art Training Facility
    • Hands-On Training


Your Trainer

Susan Chapple

Susan holds several licenses including; Advanced Practice Esthetician Instructor, Advanced Practice Esthetician, Cosmetology, She is certified as a Senior Laser Technician/Educator.

Susan started her career as a cosmetologist and when she had their daughter in 2003 she decided to make a change in her career, which then led her to receive her educator license and with this she taught advanced skin care at a cosmetology school for 12 years. Susan has truly enjoyed helping people with their skin care needs and to help them rebuild a lasting relationship with their beauty, and educating clients and students alike.


From Our Student

I started school today. I couldn't imagine being taught by anyone other than the masters. Kay has a way of teaching that expects perfection and she makes you want to do better. She is a master in this art. Holly is amazing at training and their knowledge and experience is infectious! The interns are amazing. Such a close knit family. I'd recommend this to anyone who is considering where to start.

Beth Loidolt

Completing the 6 day microblading and micro-shading was the best decision I could’ve made. Kay and Holly are amazing teachers and truly want to set you up for success! Everyone that works there is so welcoming and will answer any questions you have. I’m so looking forward to my apprenticeship at the academy and studio; I’d highly recommend the courses AND the services at MN Brow and Lash.

Dana Eid


Asked Questions

Course Details

This is a two day course and upon completion students can choose to enroll in our Medspa Internship. This Internship experience will enable students to build skills and confidence for a successful and lucrative career. Interns will be scheduled 2 days/week onsite to perform services on clients. Interns will receive 15%-20% commission, depending upon the services, during this internship.

Course Topic Covers

Skin Tightening / Body Contouring

Detail of Kit

Training manual and a sample student kit are included. The student kit includes: classroom supplies

Prerequisites - Who is the candidate

Anyone who is interested in making a change in their career or wants to add to their existing buisness.

Licensing Requirement

Our program is offered world wide and we do not require prior licensing to become certified within our program. It is each student's responsibility to research the laws in your intended area of practice to determine if any additional licensing is required for your business.


Body Contouring Certificate

Salary Range

Owning a body contouring business can be profitable because there is a growing demand for body contouring services, as more people become interested in achieving a smooth, toned look. Body contouring is a relatively low-cost procedure, which means that your businesses can generate a good return on investment. A medium area can start at $350.00 dollars and go up to a package of six in the range of $1,700.

Career Placement or where should they work

Owning your own suite and body Contouring machine, working in a MedSpa, or a Medical setting. All are great places to start your career.

The VASER Shape MC1 is the Body Contouring machine we use at MN Brow Lash MedSpa Academy.

- This machine is an ultrasound treatment that breaks the membranes of fat cells, the fat cells implode releasing fatty acids and triglycerides. They are then absorbed through the lymph and transported to the liver blood vessels.
- Through the natural metabolism of the liver, the excess fatty acids and triglycerides are eliminated from the body. A Lymphatic drainage guide, which is integrated into the applicator, is known as the "zone massage", greatly facilitates this process of elimination.
- Vaser Shape MC1 uses an applicator with two low-frequency ultrasound heads that target unwanted localized fat just beneath the skin. The two handpieces of the VASER Shape MC1 System work in tandem to treat the target area and promote drainage through the lymphatic system.
- Ultrasound Diathermy - Through the application of high-frequency sound waves for local heat therapy, the ultrasound energy affects fatty tissue in a non-invasive manner by warming the treatment area and producing a "micromassage" to the fat cells, encouraging excess fat to escape from the cell membranes and ultimately temporarily reducing the appearance of cellulite.
- Zonal Massage - The zonal massage handpiece on the system then works with the lymphatic system to drain away excess toxins and fats for removal from the body and increase local blood circulation. The zonal massage handpiece can also help to open the lymph nodes pre-and post-treatment.
- In this low-frequency ultrasound penetrates the targeted subcutaneous adipose tissue and is designed so that it causes fat cells to implode, thereby leaving the skin, blood vessels and connective tissue intact. During the treatment, VASER Shape MC1, tissue and fat cells are facilitated by the “Zone Massage” in the applicator. Through two mutually coordinated actions of ultrasound in tissue creates stages of compression and decompression. This allows the tissue to create a lot of gas bubbles. The bubbles are becoming bigger and bigger and encourage implode and decomposition of fat cells.

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