Skin 101 Online Training Course (4Hr CE Credit)

This fundamental course will set you up for your future career as a full service Skin Care Therapist

$175 Online

Skin 101 Online Training Course (4Hr CE Credit)

This fundamental course will set you up for your future career as a full service Skin Care Therapist

$175 Online

Course Includes

  • Epidermis & Dermis-Skin Functions, Layers & Appendages

  • Skin Type and Condition- how to identify

  • Acne Grades/ Inflammatory versus Non-inflammatory

  • Wound Healing & Burn Grading- how skin heals

  • Fitzpatrick Skin Classification- UV exposure and pigment risks

  • Common Skin disorders- Eczema, Psoriasis, Acne, Rosacea, Melasma

  • Quiz

  • Skin Cancer A,B,C,D,E’s

  • Acne Grades/ Inflammatory versus Non-inflammatory

Why Take

This Course

  • This fundamental course will give the best tools & knowledge to start your career
  • 3 Months Online Class Access
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Your Trainer

Holly Yonker Stoviak

With a career in the beauty industry spanning decades, Holly has worked with top plastic surgeons in Chicago, spent over 11 years as a Master Instructor for The International Dermal Institute and currently is focused on Advanced Esthetics and Permanent Makeup both as provider and instructor. She is also a certified Laser Technician & Safety Officer.

Holly has expertise in both classic and cutting edge knowledge and techniques. Her focus is always customized treatment with maximum results the end goal. As such, she is always taking new classes in order to deliver those results.

Currently, Holly holds a MN license for AP Esthetics both practitioner and instructor and a MN license for Body Art Technician (Permanent Makeup).


From Our Student

I took the 40 hour lash class and couldn’t have been happier! All of the people who work there want you to succeed! Everyone was so helpful and kind and it was an incredible course.

I came back a few months later to be a model for the permanent makeup students. They did such a great job and I felt so comfortable knowing there were such talented instructors overseeing their work. I couldn’t be happier with my brows. I just had my touch up and can’t wait to see the healed results.

This is a top notch company with quality products, excellent trainers and a beautiful studio.

Jamie Politoski

I just finished my microblade course. I absolutely loved how personal and patient the instructors were. I had the opportunity to have my own brows microbladed/shaded as well and absolutely love the results. Kay does really beautiful work. Looking forward to continuing training through them. -Joanie, happy client and student

Joanie Williamson


Asked Questions

Course Details

As professional skin therapists and makeup artists, it is important that we understand how the skin works. 

Without an in-depth understanding of skin histology it is virtually impossible to help our clients to improve the health & appearance of the skin.

This comprehensive course will be a good review for the more advanced skin therapist and a perfect foundation course for less experienced professionals to begin their skin therapy journey.

Each segment builds on the next, so please do not move forward until you are confident with the information you just received. Do not hesitate to reach out with questions if anything is unclear.


Course Topic Covers

– Skin Structure: Epidermis & Dermis
– Fitzpatrick Skin Classification
– Skin Type versus Skin Condition
– Common Skin Disorders
– Acne
– Wound Healing & Burn Grading
– Skin Cancer

Detail of Kit

There is no kit with Skin 101.

Prerequisites- Who is the Candidate?

Any licensed professional (cosmetologist or esthetician) who would like an in depth understanding of skin histology.

Licensing Requirement

All Candidates will need to have a current cosmetology or esthetics/AP license to take this course.

After Course Certification

Candidates will receive a certificate of completion of our 4 hour CE online training course.

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