The Where, What, & How of Acne (4Hour CE Course) - $75

This is a BCE approved Continuing Education Course. You will be credited for 4 hours of the professional continuing education.

These credits can be used for Minnesota license renewal. Required License of either: Cosmetologist, Esthetician, Lash Technician, and Nail Technician.

Students will access the course online. Training is a combination of information, videos and quizzes that can be viewed with their individual login credentials.

This class has been timed at 4 hours in the classroom however online students may take longer and can re-do quizzes until they pass.

The Where, What, & How of Acne

Continuing Education Course

This course will:

  1. Review where Acne comes from and what can aggravate it .
  2. Learn in depth causes of Acne and different ways it can be treated.
  3. Part 2 will discuss Ingredients, modalities and a demo of an Acne facial.
  4. There are three quizzes to help you remember the information and you may keep to review.

This ONLINE training course is an Advanced Education Training Course. This course is not intended for beginners in this skill set. ON-SITE fundamental training and live models under supervision are recommended for students to best learn techniques, blood borne pathogen awareness/compliance, skin anatomy & healing concepts, depth of work, stretching, contraindications, and much more.


Required Reservation $75