Skin 101 (CE Course)

How the Skin Works For Professionals: 

As professional skin therapists and makeup artists, it is important that we
understand how the skin works.

Without an in-depth understanding of skin histology it is virtually impossible to
help our clients to improve the health & appearance of the skin.

This comprehensive course will be a good review for the more advanced skin
therapist and a perfect foundation course for less experienced professionals to
begin their skin therapy journey

Below is the course outline:
-Skin Structure: Epidermis, DEJ and Dermis
-Original Fitzpatrick Skin Classification and Advanced Methods of Classification
-Skin Type versus Skin Condition – what can we change & how
-Recognizing Common Skin Disorders i.e. Eczema & Psoriasis
-Grades of Acne & recognizing them
-Wound Healing
-Skin Cancer

Time: If Online Self-Paced via Student Module (if onsite 10am-4:30)
Cost: $175