Microblading/Ombré Manual Microshading (Hand tool) Online Training – $2750

3D Microblading Technique Certificate
Microblading starter kit valued at $650

Microblading/Ombré Manual Microshading online training program covers the following

  • Online Pre-Course
  • Theory & Concepts
  • Infection control
  • Safety and Compliance
  • Understand skin, including age, texture, and undertones
  • Skin preparation
  • Finding correct skin depths and pressure
  • Color theory and skin types
  • Color pigments, mixing and factors to lasting longer
  • Eyebrow or other procedural design
  • Various brow designs and selection
  • Measuring brows and facial features
  • Proper handling of equipment, such as single-use disposable microblading handle and needle groupings
  • Instructor procedure demonstrations via video and social media
  • Instruction to drawing, microblading on various mediums, then applying these techniques on clients

This course is NOT a fundamental course. This course is perfect for technicians who want to learn a specific skill or technique in the permanent makeup career. Check out our 6 days, 100 hours and 350 hours Fundamental Courses to learn all the fundamental skills. Live model option is strongly suggested during the training course. Live models fee covers the state license fee and the admin fees. *** The State of MN requires a minimum of 2 weeks up to 30 days  to process the application. Please plan accordingly.  The students are responsible for bringing their own models to practice during class. If finding models is difficult for you, the academy can run a model call, however, we do not guarantee the models for each student.

Pre-Course Homework is required via our Minnesota Brow Lash & Medspa Academy App you will be sent an invitation to the homework upon registration, all students will receive 3 months of online access to the courses after training. For all students, there is unlimited same course retake with registration.

Training Duration: 6 months

Students will be sent access to our learing modules. Students will watch video model at home and submit homework to our instructor. Our instructor will review each module home work and work one on one with the student. The student has up to 6 months to fullfill all 10 modules in order to receive our graduation certification.

Terms & Conditions


All students are required to pay in full of $2,750. We will send the kit and training manual to the address provided.


To ensure that students are serious about enrolling in our training courses, we do not offer refunds once a student has already registered for a training course. Students may switch to a different training date 3 weeks before the original sign up date.


We require all students to complete a bloodborne pathogens certification before attending our courses.

Please visit http://www.health.state.mn.us/ to find out which certifications are accepted in the state of MN.

*If you are attending from out of state, please check out your state’s health department website for the correct information*

*Students are responsible for checking with his/her State Health Department or Local Jurisdiction for his/her license requirement process.

If you are also registering for our apprenticeship program, Our training courses are independent from apprenticeship. Course Registration Fees are Non Refundable.

Microblading kit ($650 value) includes:

  • 6 bottles of pigment (15ml)
  • 2 disposable microblading handle
  • 2 disposable microblading pen
  • 1 caliber
  • 2 pencils
  • 1 pool of thread
  • 10 sheets of latex
  • 1 box of pointed Q tip
  • 1 box of micro brush
  • 1 bottle of saline
  • 2 tubes of topical numbing cream
  • 25 ring cups
  • 25 mini cups
  • 1 bag of cotton round
  • Misc items: ruler, pencils

Training forum access HERE

  • Module #5B Microblading Hairstroke Patterns & Technique part 2
  • Module 06: Anesthetic and numbing techniques
  • Module 07: Pigment  for different skin type
  • Module 08: Color Theory and Correction
  • Module 09: Consultation & AfterCare
  • Module 10: Forms & Business Building
  • Module 11: Others.