Master Class - 3 Day Special Skill Permanent Makeup Training Course

Course Fee – $3500

This is the Master course, not a Fundamental course. Prerequisite: knowledge of machine work and permanent makeup background. Course training include the following unique and highly desired design techniques:

⚜️Cashmere Nano Ombré Brows

⚜️ Aquarelle Lips

⚜️Feather Liners

Hands-on 3 day training course covers the following

  • Online Pre-Course work
  • Prerequisite: knowledge of machine work and permanent makeup background
  • Understand the skin-including age, texture, and undertones
  • Advance technique for: Cashmere Nano Ombre Brows, Lush Lips and Feather Eyeliners
  • Cashmere Nano Ombré Brows: Machine hairstrokes and ombré shading
  • Lush Lips: Machine Ombré lip blush technique
  • Feather Eyeliners: Machine technique which combines both enhancement and eyelids feathering star dusting / smokey ombré shading techniques
  • Ombre Powder Perfection Technique
  • Correction of prior PMU applications
  • Instructor-led demonstrations
  • Live Model Practice (Temporary License Approval Required)

This course is perfect for Master Technicians who want to advance their career by learning new, industry leading and advanced techniques to grow their skills. The prerequisites for this training course include:

  • Knowledge of a tattoo machine and complete fundamental PMU experience
  • Check out our 100 Hour Fundamental Course to learn all the necessary fundamental skills to make you successful.

This course is NOT a fundamental course. This course is perfect for technicians who want to learn a specific skill or technique in the permanent makeup career. Check out our 6 days, 100 hours and 350 hours Fundamental Courses to learn all the fundamental skills. Live model option is strongly suggested during the training course. Live models fee covers the state license fee and the admin fees. *** The State of MN requires a minimum of 2 weeks up to 30 days  to process the application. Please plan accordingly.  The students are responsible for bringing their own models to practice during class. If finding models is difficult for you, the academy can run a model call, however, we do not guarantee the models for each student.

Course Date Details
(Location: Edina, Minnesota)

Training hours: 10AM – 6PM


  • February 2nd- February 4th
  • April 6th- April 8th
  • June 8th- June 10th
  • August 3rd-August 5th
  • October 5th- October 7th
  • November 30th- December 2nd


  • January 11th- January 13th
  • March 8th- March 10th
  • May 3rd- May 5th
  • June 28th- June 30th
  • September 13th- September 15th
  • November 1st- November 3rd

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Required Reservation $3500