Hands on 6-Days Microblading/Microstroking & Permanent Make up Training – $6500

3D Microblading Technique Certificate

Permanent make up Certificate: Lips, Eyeliner, Shading

Tattoing Machine Operation Certification

Microblading starter kit valued at $650

Tattoo kit is not included. The tattoo kit includes a tattoo machine, ink/pigmentation, needle and other accessories. Students have the option to purchase the tattoo kit separately with the price of $750. This cost has to be paid in FULL prior to the training course for the students to receive the tattoo kit.

Hands-on 6-days training covers the following

  • Online Pre-Course
  • Theory & Concepts
  • Infection control
  • Safety and Compliance
  • Understand skin, including age, texture, and undertones
  • Skin preparation
  • Finding correct skin depths and pressure
  • Color theory and skin types
  • Color pigments, mixing and factors to lasting longer
  • Eyebrow or other procedural design
  • Various brow designs and selection
  • Measuring brows and facial features
  • Proper handling of equipment, such as single-use disposable microblading handle and needle groupings
  • Instructor procedure demonstrations
  • Hands on training with drawing, microblading on various mediums
  • Shadowing with an expert.
  • And lots of practice
  • Pricing Structure
  • Business Structure
  • Apprenticeship opportunity
  • Career placement opportunity
  • Micro-stroking techniques to natural looking brows
  • Permanent make-up for eyeliner, lips and aeriola area Technique
  • Ombre Eyebrows Technique
  • Tattoo machine operation
  • Difference looks between the machine vs microstroking.
  • Tatoo Correction
  • Painless Numbing Technique
  • Permanent Make-up Correction
  • And much more…

This is a Skill-Advanced Course. This course is perfect for newer technicians who want to take their skills to the next level. This course is tailored to teach the student how to master a specific skill or technique in the permanent makeup. 

Course Date Details
(Location: Minnesota)

2018 Upcoming Courses (please select course date your interested in)

  • Starting on Dec 3th – 8th

2019 Upcoming Courses (please select course date your interested in)

  • Starting on Jan 7th – 12th
  • Starting on Feb 11th – 16th
  • Starting on Mar 11th – 16th
  • Starting on Apr 15th – 20th
  • Starting on May 13th – 18th
  • Starting on Jun 10th – 15th


Required Reservation $2000

Microblading kit ($650 value) includes:

  • 6 bottles of pigment (15ml)
  • 2 disposable microblading handle
  • 2 disposable microblading pen
  • 1 caliber
  • 2 pencils
  • 1 pool of thread
  • 10 sheets of latex
  • 1 box of pointed Q tip
  • 1 box of micro brush
  • 1 bottle of saline
  • 2 tubes of topical numbing cream
  • 25 ring cups
  • 25 mini cups
  • 1 bag of cotton round
  • Misc items: ruler, pencils