Hands on 3-Days Microblading Training -$3500

3D Microblading Technique Certificate

Microblading starter kit valued at $650

Hands-on 3 days training covers the following

  • Online Pre-Course
  • Theory & Concepts
  • Infection control
  • Safety and Compliance
  • Understand skin, including age, texture, and undertones
  • Skin preparation
  • Finding correct skin depths and pressure
  • Color theory and skin types
  • Color pigments, mixing and factors to lasting longer
  • Eyebrow or other procedural design
  • Various brow designs and selection
  • Measuring brows and facial features
  • Proper handling of equipment, such as single-use disposable microblading handle and needle groupings
  • Instructor procedure demonstrations
  • Hands on training with drawing, microblading on various mediums
  • Shadowing with an expert.
  • And lots of practice
  • Pricing Structure
  • Business Structure
  • Apprenticeship opportunity
  • Career placement opportunity

This course is NOT a fundamental course. This course is perfect for technicians who want to learn a specific skill or technique in the permanent makeup career. Check out our 6 days, 100 hours and 350 hours Fundamental Courses to learn all the fundamental skills. Live model option is strongly suggested during the training course. Live models fee covers the state license fee and the admin fees. *** The State of MN requires a minimum of 2 weeks up to 30 days  to process the application. Please plan accordingly.  The students are responsible for bringing their own models to practice during class. If finding models is difficult for you, the academy can run a model call, however, we do not guarantee the models for each student.

Pre- Course Homework is required via our Minnesota Brow Lash & Medspa Academy App you will be sent an invitation to the homework upon registration, all students will receive 3 months of online access to the courses after training. For all students, there is unlimited same course retake with registration.

Course Date Details
(Location: Minnesota)

Training hours: 10AM – 6PM


  • January 10th- January 12th
  • February 7th- February 9th
  • March 14th- March 16th
  • April 11th- April 13th
  • May 16th- May 18th
  • June 13th- June 15th
  • July 11th- July13th
  • August 8th- August 10th
  • September 12th- September 14th
  • October 10th- October 12th
  • November 7th- November 9th
  • December 5th- December 7th


  • January 16th- January 18th
  • February 13th- February 15th
  • March 13th- March 15th
  • April 10th- April 12th
  • May 8th- May 10th
  • June 12th- June 14th
  • July 17th- July 19th
  • August 14th- August 17th
  • September 18th- September 20th
  • October 16th- October 18th
  • November 13th- November 15th
  • December 11th- December 13th


Required Reservation $1500

Contents of 3 Day Microblading Training Kit

  • One Carrying Case
  • Primary Numbing
  • Cotton Rounds
  • Saline
  • Q-Tips
  • Microtip Applicators
  • Ruler
  • Caliper
  • Wax Mapping Pencils
  • Sharpie
  • Razor Blade
  • Charcoal Mapping Thread
  • Pigment Rings
  • Micoblading Duo Handle
  • 25 Assorted Blades
  • 3 Disposable Microblading Tools
  • S Academy Pigments: Soft Brown, Golden Brown, Medium Brown, Dark Brown, Corrector
  • Practice Latex
  • Twinkle Blades for shaping
  • Workbook & Manual