Hands on 1-Day Microneedling (Skin Needling) Training – $1000

Microneedling Technique Certificate

Microneedling starter kit including the skin needling machine

Training covers the following

  • Theory & Concepts
  • Infection control
  • Safety and Compliance
  • History of Micro Needling
  • Skin Histology Review
  • Understand skin, including age, texture, and undertones
  • Indications and Contraindications
  • Skin preparation
  • Finding correct skin depths and pressure
  • Basic Procedure and Advanced Applications
  • Face – Neck – Body
  • Post Care
  • Product & Equipment
  • Instructor procedure demonstrations
  • Pricing Structure
  • Business Structure
  • Career placement opportunity

Microneedling (also known as collagen induction therapy) involves using fine needles to create hundreds of tiny, invisible puncture wounds in the top layer of skin This causes an inflammatory response in the skin which stimulates collagen regeneration in the dermis. As a result, microneedling treatment reduces fine and deep wrinkles, repairs visible scars, reverses sun damage and pigmentation, helps aging skin and reduces the appearance of large pores.  We use the SkinPen precision device- the First FDA-Cleared Microneedling device in the world.

There are no prerequisites to attend our courses. In the state of Minnesota, you are required to have a medical director directing your medical procedures such as: medical grade lasers, skin needling (deeper than epidermis), body contour, fibroblast plasma, medical grade peel, injections, etc. In Minnesota, they do not require a medical director to be on-site but you must have one to oversee the medical services.

If you are an Advanced Practice Esthetician, you can only perform the regulated services (By the Board of Cosmetology BCE) such as: microneedling (within the epidermis), plasma, galvanic, microdermabrasion, lower grade peels, etc. These services are regulated under the board of cosmetology. You do not need to have a medical director but you will need to have an Advanced Esthetic License (1100 hours of training).

Course Date Details
(Location: Minnesota)

Training hours: 10AM – 6PM

Course Dates 2021

January 28th,

February 25th,

March 25th,

April 29th,

May 27th,

June 24th,

July 29th,

August 26th,

September 30th,

October 28th,

November 25th,

December 23rd

Course Date Details
(Location: Minnesota)

Training hours: 10AM – 6PM

Course Dates 2022

January 27th

February 24th

March 31st

April 28th

June 2nd

June 30th

July 28th

August 25th

September 29th

October 27th

November 23rd

December 22nd


Required Reservation $1000

Kit included:

  • 1 box of pointed Q tip
  • 1 box of micro brush
  • 1 bottle of saline
  • 2 tubes of topical numbing cream
  • 1 bag of cotton square
  • A dry needle machine