Lash Lift Training Course (CE Course)

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Lash Lift Training Course (CE Course)


Lash lift is a process to perm for your eyelashes. Lash Lifting opens the eyes and  gives the appearance of longer, thicker and darker lashes by using silicone rods to lift and redirect the lashes from the baseline to create a raised and lengthened result.

This is a BCE approved  Continuing Education Course for 4 Hours CE credits.

Students will access the course online. Training is a combination of information, videos and quizzes that can be viewed with their individual login credentials.

Welcome to Lash Lift Training Course


  • What is a Lash Lift procedure
  • Understand the Health Structure of your Lashes.
  • Eye Diseases – Contraindications and Complications.
  • Consultation and Treatment Cost
  • After Care
  • Processing time
  • Clean Working Environment and Sanitation
  • Storing Disinfected Items
  • Blood and Body Fluid Exposure
  • Supplies
  • Treatment and Demonstration
  • Quiz

Each segment builds on the next, so please do not move forward until you are confident with the information you just received. Do not hesitate to reach out with questions if anything is unclear.

There will be a quiz at the very end of the class to check your retention of the information you just learned. You will need to pass 80% of the quiz to be certified for this training.


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