Brow Lamination Certification Minneapolis

brow lamination certification Minneapolis

At MN Brow Lash & Medspa Academy, we will teach you how to obtain the perfect brow shape for every face! This course teaches you how to properly map a brow before you even begin to laminate, tint, wax, or tweeze. Brow Lamination is the perfect option to help give your clients a uniform, full eyebrow shape. This is the ultimate solution for those brow hairs that all follow a different pattern. With brow lamination, we can realign the brows to give them the desired shape you want with a much fuller look.

MN Brow Lash & Medspa Academy is offering brow lamination training and certification near the Minneapolis area.

This course will walk you through:

  • Consultations
  • Patch testing
  • Growth cycle & hair structur
  • Health and safety
  • Tinting and how it works
  • Shield sizes and correct timings
  • Aftercare
  • The procedure
  • Brow shaping

If you want to learn more then, contact MN Brow Lash & Medspa Academy today.