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Different Types of Lash Extensions: Classic vs Hybrid & Volume

If you are new to the world of eyelash extensions, understanding the differences between classic lashes, volume lashes, and hybrid lashes is critical to comprehending the service you are receiving and making an informed decision on what you will choose for your upcoming visit.

When it comes to lash extensions, we often hear this question:

  • What are classic amazing lashes and how are they applied?
  • What are hybrid lashes and how are they applied?
  • What are volume lashes and how are they applied?

What Are Volume Eyelash Extensions?

Volume lashes are a step up from conventional lashes with fluff and volume, and they offer a dramatic image to the wearer.

Sometimes called Russian Volume it is one step up from classic lashes. This design offers your eyes a wide eyed youthful appearance.

In a “volume fan,” several lash extensions are applied to each natural lash. Depending on the fans utilized, it could be a volume fan or a giant volume fan.

A volume lash typically employs 2 to 5 eyelash extensions per fan, but a super volume fan uses 6 to 16 fake lashes. 

Volume lashes are a more advanced type of eyelash extension. A beautiful appearance with volume lashes necessitates a great deal of talent and expertise.

How Do Volume Lashes Differ?

The two most essential traits that distinguish volume lashes from other treatments are:

#1 Volume eyelash: extensions are done in a one-to-many ratio. That is, many eyelash extensions are added for each natural lash. Before being applied to your natural lash, the eyelash extensions are packed together in a volume fan.

A lash technician applies 2 to 16 lashes to each fan to individual lashes. The ratio is determined by the magnitude of the voluminous effect desired. The total number of extensions per fan is referred to as 2D, 3D, 5D, 7D, 10D, and so on.

#2 Thickness: A volume set uses multiple lash extensions in each fan, and the thickness of each extension is often smaller than that of a classic set.

Lash technicians typically employ artificial lashes in sizes ranging from 0.05 to 0.07 mm for normal volume sets and 0.03 to 0.05 mm for mega volume sets.

For example, a 10D fan would employ extensions of 0.03 mm each, a 4D fan of 0.05 mm each, and a 2D volume fan extension of 0.07 mm each.

The total weight of the fan is also determined by the thickness of your natural eyelashes. If the fan is too heavy, it may cause harm to your natural lashes.

Who Should Wear Volume Lashes? Who Are They Bad For?

Volume lashes, a style of fluffy and voluminous lashes, have been popular for nearly two decades. Before committing to regular wear, most clients choose it for special occasions such as proms, weddings, and anything else major.

Volume lashes are ideal for folks who like glam makeup over natural makeup. Volume lashes aren’t as thick as traditional lashes, so they’re ideal if you have thin, weak, or sparse lashes.

Those who have a habit of stripping their lashes might prefer volume extensions over the conventional type.

However, if you prefer a more natural look that merely adds a little “je ne sais quoi”, classic lashes are a great alternative for you.

Benefits of Volume Lashes

Why should you get volume lash extensions?

Extraordinary look: Volume lashes and mega volume sets work differently for special events where you want to look fantastic. It’s a popular trend among brides visiting a beauty salon these days because volume lashes endure from the bachelorette party to the honeymoon and beyond.

Add a dash of drama: If you enjoy a little drama, volume lashes are the ideal way to make your eyes look dramatic. Make sure you communicate this to the lash technician so that they can make your eyes look as dramatic as you desire.

Fuller lashes: Several lash fans are added to each natural lash, which can help cover gaps if you have scant lashes. You obtain delicate and fluffy lashes that make you look stunning all the time.

Cons of Volume Lashes

• Time-consuming procedure: Volume lashes necessitate the fabrication of fans before putting them into your natural lashes. Making a new fan is a complex step, and a volume set necessitates a large number of fans. That’s why they take longer to apply than a standard lash set.

• This may be too much: Mega volume may not be suitable for an everyday look for many folks. Volume lashes, unlike traditional lashes, are not appropriate for a wide range of professional settings.

Volume eyelash extensions, for example, may not be acceptable for nurses or those working in food processing.

• The majority of artists lack experience: Because volume lash extension treatment differs from the standard set and requires additional expertise, not every artist offers it.

Furthermore, most artists are inexperienced enough to follow the details of producing this set, such as keeping the weight of fans light. You can avoid this by hiring a skilled lash artist to do the set!

• Expensive: A volume set is 1.5x more expensive than a traditional set since it requires more lash extensions, time, work, and ability. However, it can be a one-time commitment or trial before returning to the classic or hybrid set.

What You Should Know About Volume Lashes?

If you’re concerned about whether fans used in volume lash sets will harm your natural lashes, the first step is to consult with a certified artist.

Essentially, licensed lash technicians construct their own fans. Pre-made or pro-made fans are typically clusters that weigh down on your natural lashes and cause lash loss. Most professional lash artists do not use clusters or pre-made lashes.

Going to an experienced artist also ensures freshly constructed fans that are the appropriate weight for your natural lashes.

Custom-made fans also allow the lash artist to tailor each fan to the situation for the optimum look.

If you want to see more photographs of our clients with volume eyelash extensions, please visit our website gallery.

What Are Hybrid Eyelash Extensions?

The hybrid style is one of the newest lash treatments available today. Classic and volume lashes are combined in this design to create a hybrid type that customizes your eye even more than each style.

When done correctly by a skilled lash technician, hybrid lashes can look naturally stunning. Some salons refer to them as mixed-set lashes.

How Do Hybrid Lashes Differ?

The two most crucial traits that distinguish hybrid lashes from other procedures are:

#1 Ratio: As previously said, classic lashes utilize a ratio of 1 extension to 1 natural lash, whereas volume lashes employ a ratio of several extensions to 1 natural lash.

As a result, for the hybrid set, the density might vary between the two styles and ultimately rely on the aesthetic you want.

In a hybrid set, eyelash technicians usually go for 50-50 or 70% volume and 30% classic.

Often, lash technicians will ask if you want the fluffy lashes in the middle or in the corners. Each selection results in a distinct appearance.

For example, adding volume lashes in the center produces an open-eye appearance. Adding volume to the inner and outer corners will look to shape and taper your eyes.

#2 Thickness: Because a hybrid lash set incorporates the thicknesses of both volume and classic sets, the thicknesses vary correspondingly.

Your lash technician may utilize thicknesses of 0.07 mm, 0.10 mm, or even 0.15 mm for the classic lashes that will be done, or thicknesses of 0.03 mm and 0.05 mm for the volume lashes that will be applied.

Having said that, at Minnesota Brow Lash & Medspa Academy, we rarely employ more than 5D fans on hybrid sets.

Why not go beyond 5D fans, you may ask?

Simply put, what’s the point? If you want 5D + fans in a hybrid set, perhaps a volume set would be better.

Who Are Hybrid Lashes Best For? Who Are They Bad For?

If you have somewhat long and healthy lashes, hybrid lashes are the way to go. Having said that, hybrid lash treatment works wonders on folks with thin or weak lashes as well.

To be honest, the hybrid lash style is perfect for clients who want to try the volume set or the super volume lash set but are hesitant.

If you’re wondering the same thing but are content with vintage sets, this is the greatest approach to renewing your look.

The hybrid set is an excellent opportunity to experiment with fluff and add fullness to the process. It’s also more personalized than volume or traditional lash extensions.

Benefits of Hybrid Lashes

What are the benefits of a hybrid lash treatment?

• Not too plain, not too dramatic: Hybrid settings are airy and textured, promising a natural look with a hint of drama.

• The best of both worlds: The hybrid style combines volume and length in one treatment. It combines fullness with exquisite texture. If you want a dense and full traditional set, hybrid lashes are the way to go.

• A nice way to try before the volume set: If you don’t want to get the mega volume right away or believe it takes away the unnaturalness of the lashes, the hybrid can be a smart choice. If you are dissatisfied with classic lashes, see gaps between them, or your workplace does not tolerate a striking style like volume lashes, hybrid works nicely.

• Ideal for those who have lash problems: Hybrid works for persons with thick, thin, sparse, or weak lashes. If you have scant lashes and want a dramatic look, hybrid lashes are a healthy alternative for your eyelashes.

The Downsides of Hybrid Lashes

What are the reasons why you should not have a hybrid eyelash extension style?

• Requires the services of a skilled lash technician: Not every lash artist can pull off a good hybrid set. You need a technician who is familiar with both traditional and volume styles so that they can design a look that best frames your eyes.

• Expensive: At most licensed lash salons, the hybrid set may be more expensive than traditional eyelashes. However, this is due to the fact that they require more time and skill than traditional lashes. Hybrid lashes are also less expensive than volume lashes.

• Prolonged application time: The hybrid set, like volume lashes, requires the lash artist to create individual fans for your eyes. As a result, it can easily take more than two hours, and occasionally even up to three hours.

What you should know about hybrid lashes?

When you’ve decided to try the hybrid lash set, go to a salon that has extensive experience with both classic and volume sets.

Make careful to describe the look you desire because this is the greatest style to acquire the most customized look for your eyes. If you’ve been wearing the conventional pair all along, hybrid lashes may take some getting used to.

It’s an excellent alternative if you can’t decide between classic and volume, as it provides an intermediate look between the two.


Consider the following questions before deciding on the best eyelash extensions for you.

These are the most frequently asked questions I’ve heard from clients over the years about the variations between traditional, hybrid, and volume lashes.

Please leave any further questions in the comments section below. If I am requested several times, I will add it to the article.

Which is better: traditional, volume, or hybrid eyelash extensions?

For clients who want to seem natural and professional, I recommend the classic lash extensions. However, if you need a lot of oomph, such as for a wedding, volume or mega volume would be ideal.

However, when a customer wants dramatic lashes that seem natural for casual fun wear, I like the hybrid eyelash extension styles.

What is the distinction between classic and hybrid lashes?

Classic lashes are single strands of synthetic fibers placed on each natural lash, whereas hybrid lashes are a combination of both classic and volume lashes.

What is the distinction between hybrid and volume lashes?

The fundamental distinction between volume and hybrid lashes is that volume lashes are made up of several, thinner lash strands placed on each natural lash, whereas hybrid lashes are a blend of both traditional and volume lashes.

What’s the difference between classic and volume lashes?

The primary distinction between classic and volume lashes is that classic lashes are applied one-to-one (one unique extension is placed to one natural eyelash), whereas volume lashes are applied one-to-many (several individual extensions applied to one natural eyelash).

Can you transition from volume lashes to traditional lashes?

Yes! You can either make a progressive transition by replacing the lost volume fans with classic extensions at your next refill visit, or you can undertake a complete removal followed by a new set.

Can you transition from classic to hybrid lashes?

Absolutely! The simplest approach to transition from classic to hybrid lashes is to progressively add volume fans at your next refill session.

Can you make the transition from hybrid lashes to conventional lashes?

Yes. At your refill session, just replace the fans that will gradually fall off with traditional lashes.

Do hybrid lashes last longer?

Hybrid lashes stay longer than classic lashes but not as long as volume lashes. Because the volume fans utilized in a hybrid set have a higher surface adherence to the natural eyelash, they will stay longer.

Do volume lashes last longer?

Yes, volume lashes are the most long-lasting type of lash extension. This is because this technique only uses volume fans, which completely encircle the natural eyelash when applied, resulting in a firm bond.

Can hybrid lashes appear natural?

Yes, hybrid lashes can appear quite natural. The traditional set of eyelash extensions provides the wearer with a natural appearance. When it comes to hybrid lashes, the goal is to create volume without sacrificing the genuine appearance.

The lash technician will determine the best combination of volume and classic eyelash extensions for you to get a personalized hybrid-type look.

The same reason why hybrid lashes appear less dramatic and more natural than volume lashes. When done properly, hybrid lashes do not appear false or unnatural. They have the most individualized look available right now.

Are hybrid lashes suitable for hooded eyes?

From new clients, I’ve heard variations of this query, such as are hybrid lashes suitable for small eyes, are hybrid lashes good for Asian eyes, and so on.

I always respond by explaining what extensions do.

Different lengths, thicknesses, and curls of eyelash extensions can alter the contour of your eye on your face.

An ‘L’ curl, for example, can open up Asian eyes, while a ‘B’ curl produces a broader appearance.

When combined with volume lashes in the center, hybrid lashes can open up and define the look. It can be used to define hooded eyes and taper rounded eyes.

So, in conclusion, they can be. Just make sure to communicate your goals with the eyelash technician so that a custom look can be produced for you.

How can you make classic eyelashes look fuller?

If your natural lashes appear full, extensions with 90% filling will appear fuller.

A classic set often has a ratio of 1:1, however, no artist adds an extension on every one of your natural lashes.

However, if you inform your lash technician that you prefer a fuller look, they will add as many extensions as possible to your healthy lashes. Extensions should never be applied to newborn lashes since they will harm your natural lashes.

Aside from the total number of lash extensions, the thickness of individual fake lashes is also important. As a general rule, thick lash extensions appear fuller.

However, professional lash technicians would not add thick eyelashes to natural lashes unless the weight is correct. As a result, larger extensions are only applied to individuals who have naturally thicker lashes.

Are volume lashes the same as cluster lashes?

No, volume lashes are not the same as cluster lashes.

Volume lashes are a type of lash extension set that employs fans with several extensions to boost the volume per natural eyelash.

Cluster lashes, on the other hand, are manufactured or pre-glued clusters of lash extensions that untrained technicians employ to give volume to your lash line.

Cluster lashes frequently come with excessive amounts of adhesive, which adds weight and damages your natural lashes.

When doing a volume set on their own, a qualified lash technician produces individual fans depending on your natural lashes and the contour of your eye.

What are Russian volume lashes?

Russian volume lashes are not the same as volume lashes. The first volume lashes were created by Irina Levchuck and Olga Dobronravova in Russia.

They employed three lash extensions that were up to 2mm longer than the native eyelash on individual natural lashes. This is why Russian volume lashes are also known as 3D volume lashes.

Volume lashes, on the other hand, can range from 2D and 12D. Another distinction of Russian lashes is that they are softer and finer than ordinary volume lashes.

Which length and curl to choose for classic, volume, or hybrid eyelash extensions?

Regardless of the sort of eyelash extension you get, length and curl vary depending on the client’s eye shape and the structure of their lashes.

For example, whether a person gets volume, hybrid, or classic sets, they can receive a C curl or a D curl depending on the shape they want or their natural curls.

However, the volume set generally employs a steeper curve than the classic set.


There is no better eyelash extension style. Each has its own set of pros and disadvantages. 

Remember that each lash style can alter the appearance of your eyes and how they complement your face characteristics. 

You should tell the lash technician what you want ahead of time. Above all, go to a skilled and licensed lash technician to obtain the greatest bargain.

If you’re wondering what’s best for you, contact Minnesota Brow Lash & Medspa Academy today!

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