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Welcome to the world of Eyelash Extensions!

Learn about the process of applying individual synthetic lashes to your natural lashes, enhancing their length, volume, and curl.

Types of Eyelash Extensions

Silk: Soft and lightweight, ideal for a natural look. Mink: Luxurious and ultra-fine, offering a dramatic effect. (Choose faux-mink for a vegan alternative) Synthetic: Affordable and durable, good for those with allergies.


Types of Eyelash Extensions

Classic: A single extension applied to each natural lash for a subtle enhancement. Volume: Multiple lightweight extensions applied to each lash for a dramatic, fluffy look. Hybrid: A combination of classic and volume lashes for a customized look.


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The Benefits of Eyelash Extensions

Effortless Beauty: Wake up with gorgeous lashes and ditch the mascara routine. Long-lasting: With proper care, extensions can last 4-6 weeks. Low Maintenance: No more worrying about smudging or flaking mascara. Confidence Boost: Feel beautiful and glamorous with your enhanced lashes.

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Demystifying Lash Myths

Myth: Extensions damage your natural lashes. Fact: When applied correctly by a professional and with proper care, extensions shouldn't harm your lashes.

Myth: All extensions look fake and dramatic. Fact:  There are various styles for a natural or dramatic look. Discuss your preferences with your technician.

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Lash Care Tips for Flawless Extensions

- Avoid oil-based products - Gently cleanse your lashes - Brush your lashes daily - Sleep on your back - Keep Them Dry

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Learn why proper training is essential for mastering the delicate art of eyelash extensions. Understand the significance of precision and safety in this beauty practice.

MN Brow Lash MedSpa Academy

Expert Guidance

Hands-On Practice

Certification and Beyond

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Join us and embark on an exciting journey into the world of eyelash extensions!

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