Permanent  Makeup Courses

Unlock the Art of Permanent Makeup 

Discover the world of semi-permanent cosmetic enhancements 

Achieve natural, long-lasting results with machine-based techniques 

Cutting-Edge Machine Technology 

Comprehensive Training Program 

Intensive course covering theory and practical application

Hands-on training: Eyeliner, Eyebrows, Lip Liner, and more 

State-of-the-Art Training Studio

– Fully equipped with the latest  machines – Dedicated practice areas and live model session – Sterile and hygienic environment adhering to industry standard

Mastering Permanent Eyeliner-

– Learn the art of creating stunning and precise permanent eyeliner – Techniques for different eye shapes and desired look – Color selection and application for natural-looking result

Perfecting Microbladed Brows 

Step-by-step guidance on microblading for full, defined brows  Hair-like stroke technique for a natural, feathered appearance 

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