2-Days Signature Brows Training

Technique includes: Powder Brows, Ombre technique, magic star dust technique, 6D Signature fusion of Microblading & Shading, Color theory and color correction






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2-Days Signature Brows Training


Training Fee - $2800

Hands-on 2 days training covers the following

A small kit for practicing is included. Machine is not included.
Online Pre-Course
Theory & Concepts
Infection control
Safety and Compliance
Understand skin, including age, texture, and undertones
Skin preparation
Finding correct skin depths and pressure
Color theory and skin types
Color pigments, mixing and factors to lasting longer
Eyebrow or other procedural design
Various brow designs and selection
Measuring brows and facial features
Machine overview and operation
Powder Shading Technique
Ombre Perfection Technique
Signature fusion: combo microblading and shading
Color theory
Old PMU Correction
Instructor procedure demonstrations
Pricing Structure
Business Structure
Apprenticeship opportunity
Career placement opportunity


2021 Upcoming Courses (please select course date your interested in) Location: Minnesota


Desire training option


Date Registration

Training hours 10am - 6pm


Terms & Conditions


The remaining balance will need to be paid in full 1 week before training starts.

Student is acknowledged that any in-class activities including pictures and videos may be used for the training material and/or social media publication.

* Late enrollment into any of our courses from 2 weeks on before scheduled training will need to be paid in full*



To ensure that students are serious about enrolling in our training courses, we do not offer full refunds once a student has already registered for a training course. There will be no exceptions for refunds once the student is registered for class. Students may switch to a different training date 3 weeks before the original sign up date. Check out our refunds policy in the contract.



Live Model Option: This is the option for the student to work on the live models (2-4 models) during the training course. The fee above will cover the licensing fee to the state of MN. Licensing approval process is at a minimum of 10 business days. The student may provide your own models or we will provide the models upon request.

We require all students to complete a bloodborne pathogens certification before attending our courses. Please visit http://www.health.state.mn.us/ to find out which certifications are accepted in the state of MN.

This course is a hands-on live model practice. We require students to register at least 30 days out to have enough time for precourse and state licensing process.

*If you are attending from out of state, please check out your state's health department website for the correct information*

*Students are responsible for checking with his/her State Health Department or Local Jurisdiction for his/her license requirement process.

If you are also registering for our apprenticeship program, Our training courses are independent from apprenticeship. Course Registration Fees are Non Refundable.

Student Proficiency: 

Students taught in English must be proficient in English. To be proficient means a student is able to competently speak, listen to, write in, and use English to perform tasks independently. Students should have the ability to comprehend textbooks, theoretical and practical instruction, and to communicate with instructors and clients in the classroom and school clinic.

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