Susan Grothe


I am completing the 6 day Microblading & Ombre Permanent Make-up class with Kay Holtz and her team and have had a great experience. The class was comprehensive, well taught and included a lot of hands on demonstrations and practice. Kay is an great teacher and has such passion for excellence in her work and for Permanent Makeup which I found very inspiring. From the class I learned not only the fundamental skills necessary to Microblade and do machine work, but other key aspects important for success like tool selection, color theory & pigments, before/aftercare and elements of marketing & business set up necessary to build my own business. Kay wants her students to be successful and it is wonderful she offers the Academy as a resource post-training to ensure students feel confident to move ahead. I do not have a background in the skincare industry and felt this course offered me the training and support to move confidently into a new field. I plan to seek continuing education through the Academy to build and expand my skills —plus they are just wonderful people! I would highly recommend MN Brow Lash Academy if you are considering Microblading/Permanent Make Up and seeking training –it is a solid investment and you will not be disappointed.

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