Nancee Darling


When I registered for the school I was a little worried that I won’t learn much and that it will be a big risk to invest.. but since I took the six days class and started my apprenticeship I would have to admit that it was one of the best decision of my life.. Each day I learned so much from Kay.. it felt like she taught me everything she knew.. every little single details and things that I need to know for the best of my career. Kay has been so helpful, encouraging, and she meant it when she said that she will always help as long as I need help and guidance. She really never stop pushing me to do my best and correct me just so I can do better. Not only that I’ve learned about permanent make up but I’ve learned to advertised better and many other things that I never knew I could learn in the past month. Kay, holly, Darletta and the rest of the staffs are all so welcoming and really made me feel so comfortable every time I am around them. I feel really lucky and fortunate to have found this academy!!! Thank you Kay  I am forever grateful for you ❤️