Angela Spinella


I found the training at Mn Brow Lash Academy to be OUTSTANDING!!! All of the people working there are always willing to go the extra step to make sure you are learning the material required to really understand the job of the Lash Tech. They didn’t just want you to pass the tests and get your license. They want you to know the field inside and out. They all work together, and with students to troubleshoot any issues no matter what they are. They are excellent at thinking and working outside the box, and they care about the education that you are there to get. Ingrid, the Lashing instructor said on many occasions “what ever it takes”. And she REALLY meant it. Darletta is awesome at helping you to overcome any apprehension of working on live models. She will do all she can to help you feel more at ease, and she will make sure you have the live experience you need to feel confident so you can get out there and be the best lasher you can be. Holly, “The Laws & Rules QUEEN” is incredibly knowledgeable. She makes sure you know what you must to achieve your goals. If that goal is to work in a lash salon, or own your own lash business, Holly will make sure you are prepared. And Kay, She is a true inspiration. She has many, many different angles of experience owning her own business from lashing and permanent make up, to owning and running her own school. She is not afraid to share her experience with you. She will share her achievements as well as her mistakes. Together, they all make a great team. And they make an even greater place to learn. I am so happy I enrolled there, and now I am well on my way to achieving my dreams of working for myself spreading the beauty of incredible lashes.
Thank you all!!!

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