Plasma Treatment

Forehead Lines: $400/session

Crows Feet: $300/session

Under Eye: $500/session

Nasolabial Fold: $300/session

Jowl: $500/session

Neck Lift: $800/session

Upper Eyelid: $500/session

Frown Lines: $200/session

Mini Face Lift: $600/session

Upper Lip: $300/session

Lower Lip: $300/session

Large Area (Tummy, Leg, Thigh, etc.) up to the size of the hand: $600/session

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New! Brilliant skin tightening results without surgery!

Plamere Fibroblast skin tightening is a revolutionary new procedure that will help tighten and lift saggy or excess skin.

This is a safe, non invasive alternative to surgery, with less downtime than invasive Laser.


The skilled Aesthetician will create a grid around the loose skin with a simple hand-held Plamere device to create a mild controlled burn in the epidermal layer.

This will stimulate an inflammatory response within the dermal layer, creating more natural collagen which immediately contracts the skin, creating a significant tightening of the treated area.

Clients will see tiny polka dots or carbon-like marks in the first few days after treatment. They must not be picked at or scratched, as this will cause scarring. The dots will disappear within 7-10 days.

In 12 days after treatment, you will have pink new looking skin. The healing process will take a full 12 weeks to complete. There may be moderate swelling around sensitive areas.

Plasma Fibroblast delivers great results in

• eyelids, including lower eyelids and excess skin on the upper eyelid

• unwanted wrinkles on your face including frown lines, wrinkles and lines around the mouth, crows feet, smoker’s lines, neck lines etc.

• skin tags and moles

• age spots on your hands or face, sun spots, unwanted pigmentation, melasma and freckles

• skin scarring including acne scars, post-surgical scars and stretch marks

• tightening loose skin on the stomach after pregnancy

• How many sessions of treatment do I need? It depends upon the extent of the skin laxity and the depth of fine line & scar/stretch marks. Most mild and moderate skin will need only one treatment. Deep and severe cases will require 2 or more treatments.