MODULE #5B Working on Fake Skin

Now that you have been able to design your hairstrokes on paper, you will begin to use your blades to create the same strokes/ brow designs on fake skin aka latex.

To begin it is important to position yourself correctly as seen in your Video for Module 4B. Remember when providing this brow service they will be on your table, not facing you directly.

You have a variety of blades, 2 handles as well as all-in-one disposable tools in your kit. Review Module 4 if you are uncertain of your tools.

Begin with one of your U blades and your larger sized handle. To insert blade, pop the base of the blade thru the paper and insert into your handle keeping the pins of blade protected by paper.

Secure handle tightly with blade either angled or straight. Now you may expose pins.

You will find pigment rings in your kit. Choose pigment and shake very well. Put pigment in ring worn on non-dominant hand and you are ready to practice.

Initially, just practice strokes without pigment to get accustomed to the feel of your tool.

When you feel ready, draw 5 sets of brows on latex and complete strokes as you did on paper.

DO NOT PRESS TO HARD or you will bend pins and feel a lot of drag. Pressure must be the same start to finish. Count 1, 2, 3, 4. Very important to count to maintain even pressure.

Blade should remain at 90 degree angle to skin. No leaning sideways right or left or strokes will heal blurred. Use your thumb to turn your tool as seen in video versus turning your wrist.

Only apply very small amount of pigment to one side of blade. You will dip lightly before each stroke. Wipe your blade if it is getting messy. You need to be able to see where you are placing your blade.

DO NOT bump the pins on bottom or side of cup. This could cause them to bend crooked and you will need to replace it.

Use alcohol or baby oil to clean fake skin.

VIDEO: Please watch video

Blading technique video

Left Brow video

Right Brow video


Please view videos again

Begin practice on your forms in your manual for these steps:

Quiz 1: Practice 50 sets of brows.

Quiz 2: Please send photos of your 10 best brows.

Complete the brows Practice and Send each quiz in order before practice on the other quiz. You can email photos of finished work to ATTN: Holly