Module #1

History Modality and Skin Structure


  • Microblading and Semi-Permanent/ Permanent Makeup are also known as Micropigmentation. Micropigmentation involves the implanting of pigment into the skin either manually or with a machine to most commonly create eyebrows, eyeliners and to enhance the lip area.
  • Paramedical micropigmentation includes areola restoration, scalp micropigmentation and camoflauge.
  • The difference from traditional tattoo is the depth of pigmentation. Traditional tattoos are implanted in the Dermis and can take on a very cool/ gray look over time. Microblading & PMU is implanted at the very top of the Dermis (Dermal Epidermal Junction) so looks crisper but also will need to be refreshed over time. Please view the layers of the skin in your training manual.
  • Skin art has been performed throughout human history around the world. Manual technique was how it all started. Now of course we have machines to work with as well. Please review the Equipment section in your training manual.
  • Microblading creates a hyperealistic look and is an economical way for beginners to enter the PMU industry. In your manual you will see the benefits of the Manual Hand Method.
  • Benefits of PMU include saving time and money as well as helping clients with unsteady hands or poor eyesight. It also can correct asymmetry.
  • Cons can be color change, poor healing and of course poor technique which leaves the client with negative outcome that is not always correctable.

VIDEO: Please watch Module 1 video and read over section 1 in manual