Module #05A

Microblading Hair Strokes Techniques Part 1


In your manual you will have several templates to begin practicing your strokes. First on paper, using a fine mechanical pencil, you will develop steadiness of hand and muscle memory.

From there you will move on to using your blades and latex skins.

Before we begin, it is very important to remember the terminology and names of the different parts of the brow so that while watching your videos and practicing you understand where to work.

The Head of the of the brow is critically important! The first six to seven strokes must be perfect.

After the Head we have our Transition where your stroke will begin to follow the curve of the natural hair growth. Please view Video 1 thru 8

We then define the Spine which is the area where your upper and lower strokes meet. This will also be the area that appears most dense. Different individuals have different spines as you will see in your video.

Upper and Lower strokes will define your outline and it is very important they do not cross each other. Spine strokes will fill in the area where upper and lower strokes meet and will follow natural hair growth pattern.

Finally, we have our tail which can be designed several ways.


– Make sure to position yourself right. When you work on the client’s left brow, you will sit on the right of the client. When you work on the client’s left brow, you will sit behind the client’s table (on top of their head). Practice properly is very important.

– Work slow, steady and upright. Each stroke should be counted 1-2-3-4 to slow you down.

VIDEO: Please watch video


Please view videos again

Begin practice on your forms in your manual for these steps:

Quiz 1: First 3 strokes: Square front, Round Front, Square Front

Quiz 2: First 7 strokes. You should pay attention to the distance between each strokes and the curvature of stroke #7

Quiz 3: start outline the bottom

Quiz 4: finish outline the top

Quiz 5: start filling the bottom

Quiz 6: finish filling the top

Quiz 7: complete the brows Practice and Send each quiz in order before practice on the other quiz. You can email photos of finished work to ATTN: Holly