Module #04

Tools | Blades and Shading Needles


It is important to become familiar with the specific blades (pins) and needles you use or are considering for future use. Each will have an influence on how the skin looks healed due to the specific pattern they tattoo in the skin.

In Microblading ( manual hairstrokes) the needle configurations are arranged in a linear formations. There are also round configurations for manual shading.

Microblading needles are configured to create eyebrow hair strokes. Each microblading needle manufacturer will have their own specifications…whether needles are are angled or in a U shape, shorter, rigid, flexible and the sharpness. Sharpness is important for hair strokes to look natural.

.18U blades are most often used to create hair strokes with .25 used to create a courser hair look.

You will need to experiment with different blades and needles to see what works best for your style. Again, in blades do not sacrifice sharpness for a lower cost. Sharpness creates less damage to the skin and allows you to easily reach the sweet spot that results in retention and desired healed result.

Microshading manual needles often have a round configuration and popular configurations are 1RL, 3RL, 5RL and 7RL. Meaning the number of needles, round and L for liner.

Manual microblading tools come in pre-packaged blade & handpiece options which are very convenient and are available in different styles.

You will see blades set at an angle to the handles ( called classic ) and blades set straight called Eccentric. Try working with both and see if you have a preference. Eccentric set blades will make the most beautiful curved hair strokes while Classic are sometimes easier for beginners to fill strokes after the first pass.

In your kit you will also find individual blades and needles that fit into a handle. The larger handle is for blades and the smaller for shading needles. The handles must be wrapped in plastic and wiped with MataCide or CaviCide before and after the procedure unless you plan to dispose of them after each client.

Blades, needles and all in one tools must be disposed of in a Sharps container after use.

Video: Please view videos 1 & 2