Module #03

Skin Thickness & Different Skin Type (Fitzpatrick Scale)


  • How deep you stroke will be entirely dependent on your clients skin thickness and sensitivity. It is important to learn to identify the thickness of the skin and which category it fits in to.
  • In your manual and on the video, you will see skin thickness explained with food analogies. These are the egg, grape, apple and orange peel.
  • Remember, we want our stroke to reach the Dermal Epidermal Junction. Too shallow and cell turnover in the epidermis will cause your strokes to fade and disappear. Too deep and the strokes will heal blue gray and may migrate and spread.
  • The “sweet spot” is where you can see pinpoint bleeding and a small slit in the skin.
  • Follow along in your manual while skin thickness is explained on your video.

VIDEO: Please watch Module 03 video and read over section 1 in manual