Module #02

Face Shape & Brows Mapping

Face Shape:

First of all, the best brow shape for your client is one that makes your client feel most confident. Remember that we’re always trying to make the brows a different shape than the face so that the two go together. Your brow and face shapes should complement each other in order to enhance the face’s feature

Homework 1 Perfection:

Having a master plan of how to design your client’s eyebrows is very important. Take a moment to come up with what shape of eyebrows will look best with your client’s feature and sometimes personality as well. We would like you watch this video below, then review your Homework 1. Your next assignment is to refine your Homework 1 to make them softer and nicer. Use the below example of different eyebrow shapes.

Brow Mapping

Now from observing the client’s face shape, you will find the best eyebrow shape that you can then design for your client. Our next goal is to apply the golden ratio to design the symmetrical eyebrows.

We want to enhance our client’s natural bone structure and individual beauty. To do this, we utilize the Golden Ratio whose proportions can be found in the human body, nature and Man made structures.

* Utilizing Golden Ratio we can determine the ideal brow by taking specific measurements. 4 Vertical lines and 3 Horizontal will allow you to create the brow that is ideal for your client’s facial structure. PLEASE see your manual and review the video on how to find and mark these points.

* We can also modify the clients brows slightly if needed to balance particular facial shapes. Please review the facial shape recommendations in your manual.