Skin 101 Online Training (CE Course)

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 Skin 101 Online Training (CE Course) – $175

This is a BCE approved  Continuing Education Course for 4 Hours CE credits.

Students will access the course online. Training is a combination of information, videos and quizzes that can be viewed with their individual login credentials.

4 SKIN 101 Online Training

As professional skin therapists and makeup artists, it is important that we understand how the skin works.

Without an in depth understanding of skin histology it is virtually impossible to help our clients to improve the health & appearance of the skin.

This comprehensive course will be a good review for the more advanced skin therapist and a perfect foundation course for less experienced professionals to begin their skin therapy journey. Below is the course outlines

Skin Structure: Epidermis & Dermis

Fitzpatrick Skin Classification

Skin Type versus Skin Condition

Common Skin Disorders


Wound Healing & Burn Grading

Skin Cancer

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