Microblading Online Training

Lesson 1.2: 3D Microblading Hair Stroke Practice

Welcome to our pre-course training workshop. To ensure your success during the training, we require all of our students to complete the pre-course training requirement. You will find more details in the below instruction and attachments for Homework #1 and Homework #2.

This exercise will help you getting Familiarize with the eyebrow shape, eyebrow drawing, hair strokes movement and wrist muscles. You will do your best in these exercise. They won’t be perfect of course. However, repetitive practicing will help your progress for later in-class training. If you feel not sure about the exercise, you can watch it again step by step and continue to practice.

Homework #2: 3D Microblading Hair Stroke Practice

  • Follow the instruction from the video
  • Practice drawing a basic Microblading Hair Strokes style #1
  • Use the below template to practice step by step according to the training video
  • You can also use Eyebrow form #1 or form #2 for your complete eyebrow template to practice

– Requirement: 50 pairs of eyebrows

– Send the homework #2 via text to your instructor or email to us at mnbrowlashacademy@gmail.com


1) Pay attention to position yourself properly during your practicing.

2) Practice each hair stroke slowly and precisely.