Body Contour FAQ

How does Body Contouring Work?

The VASER Shape MC1 is an ultrasound treatment that breaks the membranes of fat cells, the fat cells implode releasing fatty acids and triglycerides. They are then absorbed through the lymph and transported to the liver blood vessels. Through the natural metabolism of the liver, the excess fatty acids and triglycerides are eliminated from the body. A Lymphatic drainage guide, which is integrated into the applicator, is known as the “zone massage”, greatly facilitates this process of elimination.

Vaser Shape MC1 uses an applicator with two low-frequency ultrasound heads that target unwanted localized fat just beneath the skin. The two handpieces of the VASER Shape MC1 System work in tandem to treat the target area and promote drainage through the lymphatic system.

  • Ultrasound Diathermy – Through the application of high-frequency sound waves for local heat therapy, the ultrasound energy affects fatty tissue in a non-invasive manner by warming the treatment area and producing a “micromassage” to the fat cells, encouraging excess fat to escape from the cell membranes and ultimately temporarily reducing the appearance of cellulite.
  • Zonal Massage – The zonal massage handpiece on the system then works with the lymphatic system to drain away excess toxins and fats for removal from the body and increase local blood circulation. The zonal massage handpiece can also help to open the lymph nodes pre- and post-treatment.

In this low-frequency ultrasound penetrates the targeted subcutaneous adipose tissue and is designed so that it causes fat cells to implode, thereby leaving the skin, blood vessels and connective tissue intact. During the treatment, VASER Shape MC1, tissue and fat cells are facilitated by the “Zone Massage” in the applicator. Through two mutually coordinated actions of ultrasound in tissue creates stages of compression and decompression. This allows the tissue to create a lot of gas bubbles. The bubbles are becoming bigger and bigger and encourage implode and decomposition of fat cells.

What areas of the body can be treated?

All localized fat deposits, and areas affected by cellulite, except for the face.

Most areas of treatment affect fats in these areas:

  • abdominal area
  • legs
  • love handles
  • buttocks and hips
  • lower back
  • bra area on the back
  • areas affected by cellulite

What does a VASER Shape MC1 treatment feel like?

Treatments can be described as a feeling like a hot deep massage. This should be a painless experience.

What makes treatment with VASER Shape MC1 unique and attractive?

Great question! It is non-invasive, painless, highly effective and safe treatment. There is no need for anesthesia and surgery. During the treatment, there is a feeling of relaxing, warm massage. Reduction immediately after treatment, technicians have seen about 2.5cm in the waist. There are no known short-term or long-term side effects associated with treatment.

Why is the Med Contour device called the Vaser Shape?

  • Since it’s launched in Europe GENERAL PROJECT’s device, VASER Shape MC1 causes a lot of attention with it’s innovative technology and highly effective results and highest level of safety in its class. At the largest European markets (Germany , Spain , Italy ,…) it achieves record sales figures in its class. In May 2010. Med Contour device becomes the first and only device of it’s kind with the classification “FDA approved.”

Who are good candidates for VASER Shape MC1 treatment?

  • Women and men older than 16 years with realistic expectations in order to achieve a better body shape through an active lifestyle and a balanced diet. VASER Shape MC1 body contouring is not intended for weight reduction.

Who is not a suitable candidate?

Pregnant women are not suitable candidates for the use of this treatment. VASER Shape MC1 treatment is not recommended for women who are breastfeeding, people with active cardiovascular disease, heart pacemakers, medical graft or prosthesis

Before & After Result

Microblading & Permanent Makeup Training

Minnesota (MN) Individual License

The state of Minnesota Health Department regulates these body art programs: tattoo, body arts, dry tattoo, microblading and permanent makeup services.  Refer to this link:


Students are not required to possess a cosmetology license to take the permanent makeup training. To obtain a body art license in the state of Minnesota, you are required to apprentice under a body art supervisor for 200 hours (hands-on human skin time). An application for a temporary body art license is required to be filled out by both the student and the qualified supervisor. This application (along with paid fee) is required and will need approval by the MN Health Department before any live model or permanent makeup service operation can be performed. It is a misdemeanor offense if you violate this statue. Forms and application of the temporary technician license can be found at:


At Minnesota Brow Lash Studio & Academy, we offer several programs for Microblading and Permanent Makeup training courses. Students may choose to take any of our courses based on current skill sets and desired career goals. The course(s) will certify and train the student with the basic knowledge and skills to start practicing. During the course(s), live model practice is an option for students to choose if they wish (with paid fee). To sign up for the live model option, we require the student to register no later than 30 days prior to class which will allow time for the state licensing and approval process. Our academy will coordinate the licensing process on the student’s behalf.


After the training courses are completed, we offer an apprenticeship program for the students to continue to practice, learn more and accelerate their skills.  We offer the most comprehensive training and apprenticeship programs in the region.

  • To be licensed in Minnesota, the student is required to apprentice for 200 hours, minimum. The license application process is via the temporary license process (as outlined above). The apprentice will perform services on live models under the direction of a supervisor for a period of approximately 4 months at 2 days a week to fulfill the 200 hours minimum requirement by the state of Minnesota. As an apprentice, you will pay the apprenticeship fee, upfront. Contact us for the apprenticeship fee and associated contract information.
  • Temporary Body Art License information and forms can be found at:

Out of state (outside of Minnesota) students

To practice on live models or to apprentice with us, you will need a ‘guest artist’ license. The apprenticeship program is not necessary after completing the course. However, the student may choose to apprentice with us to gain more experience and build skill sets quickly. The apprenticeship program will vary depending on the student’s needs. To sign up for the live model option or apprenticeship program, we require a registration minimum of 30 days prior to class start date to accommodate the state licensing application process. Our academy will coordinate the licensing process. Licensing information and form can be found at:

Out of State Individual License & Facility License

You have to check with your state health department jurisdiction and regulations. States have different regulations for body art licensing. Therefore, it is the students’ responsibility to check with his/her own state of residence licensing and regulation requirements.

Professional & Liability Insurance

Apprentices are required to carry (provide proof) their own liability insurance to perform body art at our facility. If the student needs insurance as such, here is a link to affordable insurance:

Financial Aid/Grants/Loans/Funds

Currently, we are not offering student loans or scholarship. We accept payment in these forms: check, credit card, cash or bank issued money orders. If you are seeking a personal educational loan, we have an affiliation with Wells Fargo Bank. Also, depending on the training program the student chooses, we offer special payment plans. Contact us for more details on the special payment plan and/or the Wells Fargo Bank loan option.

Eyelash Extensions and Regulated Service Training

Minnesota (MN) Individual License

We operate under the MN Board of Cosmetology School license (# 9000219). We offer a 38- hour eyelash extension training program which will provide certification to become an eyelash technician. After the training, the student can take the state test through PSI and apply to be licensed as an eyelash technician.

Students do not need to possess a cosmetology license or an esthetician license to take this course. However, other requirements such as a high school diploma are required by the Minnesota Board of Cosmetology in order to obtain a license. All individual licenses and forms can be found at:

If you possess a cosmetology license and/or an esthetician license, your license will qualify you to perform eyelash extensions. You do not need an additional eye lash technician license to perform eyelash services. If you have never performed eyelash extensions, we strongly encourage you can take our 38 hour course (as outlined above) or our other advanced courses (such as our 1 1/2 Day ‘Level 1’ or our 1 Day ‘Volume Course’. These courses will provide the necessary knowledge and skills to jump start your career earnings potential!

Disclaimer: This FAQ is a short compilation of the common topics as of 2/25/2019. Minnesota State statue and regulations may be changed since publishing this FAQ. Please contact the appropriate government agencies in which you reside for the most accurate information.