Why Should You Study at The Minnesota Brow Lash Academy and Studio?


The simple answer is that we confidently train our permanent make-up artist to be the best at what they do. To help ensure their success, we provide the highest quality products in the permanent make-up industry.

✅ Our academy is recognized by the Minnesota Board of Higher Education and Licensing under The Minnesota Board of Cosmetology.

✅We are recognized by the SPCP and CPCP.

✅Our Training Master is also recognized by the internationally recognized Academy S, as a Craft Master.

✅ We utilize the most effective Academy S Techniques.

✅Our support system is unparalleled. It is completely FREE if you are taking the same course again for continuing support.

✅ We are a Dermalogica partnership school

✅We have many amazing state of the art programs for both services and training.

Our training programs include:

⚜️ Microblading Training

⚜️Ombré perfection Permanent Makeup Training

⚜️Microneedling Training

⚜️Scalp Esthetic Training

⚜️Eyelash Extension Training

⚜️Apprenticeship Program

⚜️Academy & Studio

How would you like to be in control of your own schedule and not work for a corporation?

Would you like the potential to have a six-figure income and be a business owner?

It’s never too late to make a change…

For enrollment please contact us at:

☎️ +1.952-938-0358

📍5500 Lincoln Drive, #120 Edina MN 55463





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